Glitch Remix Embed

What do you mean, "Remix on Glitch?"

One of the most powerful and coolest features in Glitch is the ability to remix. When remixing an app on, you get your own copy of the app you remixed, which you can then edit and run! This can lead to some great collaborations with other Glitch users, and get you started working on code you never could imagine working on before!

Being able to remix or work from stuff others have made is an excellent way to learn and also become part of a vibrant community. You can already find a bunch of neat apps on the Glitch community site to remix and make great apps off of today!

Add the button!

Users can already remix any public app on Glitch, and we want to give project owners control over their app's look, so we do not force remix buttons into any apps. What we do want, though, is for our community to encourage others to remix their apps, so we built a widget that you can include in your projects to generate our neat little "Remix on Glitch" button wherever you like.

It looks like this:

There are two ways to add the button to your project:

Add our Remix Button Embed script

By copying and pasting the following snippet to a project's view...

...the remix button will be added to any element with class="glitch-remix".

For example, this project's index view in views/index.html shows an empty span element...

On page load, the remix button will appear (it's up there in our "Add the button!" section!

"Hard-coding" the button yourself!

If you don't want to add our script to your page (sometimes you may find adding other people's scripts can break your own), you may want to copy and paste the following snippet for the button yourself in your html, wherever you want it:

Note: You'll need to replace your-project-name-here in the above snippet with your project's name so the remix button works for *your* project. For example, if your project is at "", "", and "!#/cool-app" then your project name is cool-app.

Happy remixing!

We want to know about all the cool stuff you're making, remixed or not–let us know it by tweeting @glitch! And if you don't know what to remix, here's that button again to remix this app: